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The Project

Cardboard shelter aims to raise both awareness of, and funds for homeless charities by bringing together artists from around the UK to contribute towards Cardboard Shelter exhibitions.

Last year we raised £1,120 for The Big Issue Foundation. This year we raised money for Crisis.

Crisis is a national charity for single homeless people, who are dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change. Please visit their website Crisis.org.uk for more information.

In 2008 we invited 30 artists to each produce a piece of work on an A4-sized piece of cardboard. The idea of the cardboard canvas is a nod towards the material which provides shelter to many homeless. The collection was then displayed in an exhibition and pieces were available for purchase at £40 each. The remaining pieces have now been donated to The Crisis Skylight Cafe in Newcastle where they are available for purchase.

2009's event was held at the Skylight Cafe on Thursday 3rd December 2009 where we raised over £2,000 selling 37 of the 57 artworks available on the night.


The original idea of a cardboard canvas to raise funds for homeless charities was thought up by Steve Tenebrini, Jeremy Boyd and Mike Maher when they created a show called " This Side Up ". The idea was then adapted by Greg Eastmer at Gimme Shelter making it exclusive to street artists.

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